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May 3, 2004 - May 9, 2004

Some of whatever knocked me out is lingering (Waste of time in silly unconsciousness)

Tim, Selena and myself all apparently had trouble sleeping last night. I'm still feeling sort-of out of it, which could be part of the original problem or simply a reaction to the messed up sleeping schedule. Just took a quick nap that turned into 4 hours yet didn't refresh me at all.

Well, it looks very nice in Mozilla (But IE is ignoring a lot of the CSS)

Spent the bulk of the evening working on a complete rethink of the Cinemon UI. The design is definitely showing the influence of Plone. The CSS is pretty rudimentary, but for some reason IE isn't picking up about half of the directives, which makes the design rather... less beautiful. There also seems to be a ...

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Time to consider what the EFT server does (Think I'll leave off work until Tim drops in tomorrow)

I've got most the encoding/decoding working, with minimal correctness checks, but without proper test data I'm hesitant to keep moving forward with the project. So, back to Cinemon, in preparation for getting some feedback from Bryan tomorrow.

Pleasant day all around (Grams out, coffee, and a good dinner)

Grams is out of the hospital and resting at home. Rosey and I picked her up this afternoon.

I had a very pleasant late-afternoon sitting in Starbucks with Lisa. There's something satisfying about watching a beautiful, intelligent woman thinking and explaining something about which they really care. She does this cool thing where she flares ...

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Class cancelled (Apparently our costs + CDI's overhead were too much)

Including development of the courseware and printing, we were looking at around $6000 for a full 5-day accelerated course for 10 people. That's a chunk of change, yes, but honestly, pulling together the courseware (which for these topics necessitated almost 2-1/2 weeks of un-billable work) means that we were just barely breaking even (though the ...

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Plone tutorial sort of falls apart toward the end (Becomes much closer to point-form)

Spent the last few hours reviewing the Plone tutorial with which I'm trying to help. There's a lot of writing still to do, figure another 4 hours or so, maybe a little less. There's actually some stuff in the sample code that looks like it wants to be refined as well. Not just doc-strings (which ...

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