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Feb. 14, 2005 - Feb. 20, 2005

OpenGLContext still not out the door (Trivial little details piled one atop another...)

Wound up sleeping very poorly last night, so didn't get up until 2pm today. Spent the day working on OpenGLContext again. Mostly just tracking down little bugs here and there. I've probably done enough changes that I should do another beta before the final release... especially as some of the tessellation changes appear to have ...

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Little fixes and enhancements here and there (OpenGLContext evening...)

Spent the evening on OpenGLContext, enhancing a few demos, cleaning up code to use new features, finding a few bugs in the PyGame context; little things mostly. Only got through about 3/4 of the tests with the PyGame context, so I suppose tomorrow will be more of the same.

Grams is sick again, so won't ...

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Hardware is evil (Or, at least frustrating...)

Ken dropped off the replacement case exhaust fans, CPU heatsink and UPS this afternoon. No problem at all with the UPS or the case exhaust fans, but the CPU heatsink turned out to be a serious PITA.

I started on replacing the CPU cooler... read the instructions and realised there was a little plate that ...

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I'd forgotten just how intense Cranium games get (At least, when Shane and Shademan are playing...)

Had a few friends over for games night tonight. Thing is, all of the "girls" headed off to Rose's bedroom, so it was just the four guys playing. It was far more intense than I really like my Cranium games... Shademan and Shane just care so much about winning. Oh well, fun nonetheless, just a ...

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Blockage leads to learning (The wild and wacky worlds of VOIP and Web Services)

Wow, I'm really upping my buzzword-compliance today! Since we're still working on getting the Cinemon CVS repository online, I've been blocked on my primary project, so I figured I'd spend the day familiarising myself with the various tools we'll be using for the upcoming VOIP/Web Service project (starting Monday morning).

I'm just going to be ...

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Substrate failures (Source-code control and patch both mess up my day's productivity...)

Today's work was all about migrating to the live server. As I've mentioned before, there are problems with the patch on the server that prevent me applying the diffs from the dev machine for PySNMP. After quite a long period fighting with patch I decided that I'd produce an internal "version" of the software, PySNMP ...

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Since it came up this weekend (If people are in the market for contract programmers...)

Yes, we (VexTech/The Cain Gang) are available for hire for programming projects. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss a project.

We, incidentally, includes D'Arcy (maintainer of PyGreSQL, and a developer on PostgreSQL and NetBSD), Tim (the creator of the Vaults of Parnasus, primary sysadmin of Vex, and our ...

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Morning meetings and evening hacking (With a nap in the middle to handle the first and prepare for the second...)

We've started having our management meetings during the daytime (as D'Arcy is no longer working primarily at the one client's offices). Can't say I love the hour's commute, or getting up at unreasonable hours, but I got a lift back, and it's nice to pat the kitty-cats (they have 11) as we work.

After the ...

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PyDispatcher as a source of inspiration... (Now we just need to make it a component people want to use.)

Philip J. Eby has an interesting little article. First because he mentions PyDispatcher, second because he points to a Christopher Alexander article. The Alexander article isn't world-changing, but I always find it interesting when software developers quote architectural theoreticians (and yes, I know it's common with Alexander in particular).

Week fills up rather quickly (Seems like just yesterday it was going to be quiet and productive...)

Shiva and Shademan prodded me into action on the games night, so we're going to do Scrabble and Cranium on Friday. Also found out Rosey is planning to do a little gathering here on Thursday night. That leaves just tomorrow evening to do the extra-project work I want to get done this week.

Can't say ...

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