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Egads that PyOpenGL folder is getting scary (6 dozen todo items before I start working on code...)

Just realising that there's a heck of a lot of material piling up in the PyOpenGL folder, mostly support requests or bug reports that will each take an hour or two to answer... guess I need to dedicate a weekend to PyOpenGL & friends some time soon.

Customary belly-button gazing (As age creeps away with my youth...)

Something XXX mentioned yesterday, in the context of marrying young (i.e. around 15): "why should men be denied sex at their sexual peak?" which, of course, got me thinking about age and wasted youth. Worse, it got me thinking about mortality and all the ways we try to ensure that we live on beyond this ...

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Wow, that took far longer than it should have (Need to get ZPhotoSlides set up somewhere...)

Just got the PyCon photos dumped into a viewable format... it's not pretty, as many of the photos are rotated ninety degrees, but it should all be viewable. Warning: there are a lot of them, that page will be very slow on a dial-up connection! They are also still uploading, it'll probably be 2AM before ...

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