PyOpenGL 3.0.1b1 and OpenGLContext 2.1.0a7

I've just finished the 3.0.1b1 release of PyOpenGL. This release is mostly just bug-fixes from the 3.0.1a4 release. There are fixes to glGet and glGetActiveUniform, a script to retrieve and fixes to support Togl binary installations, exposure of the OpenGL 3.2 entry points (though largely untested, as I have no hardware over OpenGL 2.1), missing AMD extensions, int64 array-types and fixes for boolean-array handling. The documentation has had some work, including the installation instructions.

OpenGLContext and PyVRML97 have also been rev'd and are now at 2.1.0a7 and 2.2.0a5 respectively. There's also an OpenGLContext PyQt4 context (OpenGLContext_qt) and an OpenGLContext-full package that installs most of the dependencies for OpenGLContext which are easy_installable.

Not intending anything other than bug-fixes before the 3.0.1 release for PyOpenGL. OpenGLContext will likely have considerably more work before it goes beta.


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