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March 28, 2005 - April 3, 2005

No 2.0.0 final release (But the context-class-choosing script is working...)

Realised that the script that allows the user to choose a favourite context class (i.e. which GUI system they prefer to use) was totally broken. Rewrote it, creating a new "MouseOver" proto to make creating buttons a little easier. It's not a full button proto, but with it creating such a button is pretty easy. ...

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Yay, Blender builds (The Gentoo gnomes quietly fix another annoyance...)

The Blender build has been broken on my box for ages, but I'm so hard-wired to using 3DSMax that I never bothered to figure out why while I still had Windows about. Blender's keyboard-requiring interface is extremely non-intuitive to me... I learn the keyboard by pointing at what I want to do and being told ...

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Found it (And it was a known bug...)

Turns out the problem I was seeing on OpenGLContext was actually a known bug (I think there's even a patch on SourceForge to fix it for wxPython, I just hadn't realised it could show up under PyGame and GLUT (I don't have wxPython built on this machine at the moment).

Basically, the buffer was being ...

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Drat it, nothing has changed! (So why does it fail?)

And here we have the reason I need to get a new hobby. While programming used to be a relaxing way to unwind, I'm now programming all week, and the incessant grind of finding and fixing bugs is no longer a mindless way to unwind, it's the same frustration as I see the rest of ...

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I hate it when I introduce bugs without realising it (How long... has this b'n goin' on...)

Spent most of the day sleeping... just catching up on the week's sleep deficit, really. Around the various naps I've been trying to figure out what's gone wrong with OpenGLContext. Every other time it tries to do a swap buffers (in any of the GUI libraries) the swap occurs, but then reverts to the original ...

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Encounters on a bus (Seems the city gets smaller the more people I know...)

The potluck was quite pleasant, but I got the distinct impression that I was talking too much. Tried to stop, but I love to talk. Probably a good thing Simon hasn't invited me to his party tomorrow, I'd likely be boring a significant subset of the same people again.

Anyway, once the hostess eventually got ...

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A-pot-lucking-I-go (Hi ho the dairy-o...)

Dan's friend Penelope's friend Allenna is having a potluck tonight. Unfortunately, I haven't been shopping since I got back from DC, so I'll have to go with something store-bought (which I really don't like to do).

I'm drawing a complete blank on what to get, though. I'd love to get samosas or something equally rich ...

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About viewing Japanese glyphs in Firefox (First you need a font...)

Got a call a few minutes ago from Lua, who had just called a few hours ago inviting me to a party. She wanted to print some things out for the guest of honour (who is Japanese), but she was just getting question marks for the Japanese text.

I don't know if there's a built-in ...

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Oh, the day... (Telescoping work)

Spent the whole working day on documentation, but wound up starting really late due to spending hours on various system administration stuff. Hands are chutneyed, though not as bad as lately, have been consciously trying to reduce the force with which I type. Don't know if it's helping or if I'm just less tense than ...

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