Encounters on a bus (Seems the city gets smaller the more people I know...)

The potluck was quite pleasant, but I got the distinct impression that I was talking too much. Tried to stop, but I love to talk. Probably a good thing Simon hasn't invited me to his party tomorrow, I'd likely be boring a significant subset of the same people again.

Anyway, once the hostess eventually got us out of there I climbed onto the bus for the short trip home... and one of Dan's friends (not one who'd been at tonight's potluck) walked on. Of course, I blanked on her name (still blanking, though I want to say Sharon), but we had a pleasant conversation on the way home (I walked her over to her apartment building, as it's just a few blocks away from mine), mostly about Open Source (which she's interested in from its implications on consulting practices). Always nice to chat with intelligent, beautiful women. She's quite striking visually, probably 5'-11", blonde, blue-eyed, and immaculately put together (being a consultant seems to do that to people).

Pleasant evening all around, but I'm now tired. I think I shall surrender my consciousness soon.

[Later: Catarina, not Sharon, I suck at names]


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