As the caffeine fades (I realise that night hasn't just fallen, it's been lying unconscious on the floor for a good few hours...)

Had two extremely strong largish regular coffees at the management meeting this morning. No breakfast or lunch. Sat down to work at 2 in the afternoon and didn't get up until around 8 at night, when I got myself a couple of pieces of bread with chocolate-hazelnut spread and briefly considered making dinner, but decided instead to do a little bit more hacking...

Four and a half hours later, the sun has set and a considerable fraction of the VOIP front-end is finished. "Zoning in" like that seems to produce a huge amount of decent code in a short time frame, but it's rather hard on the body (I haven't stood up to stretch, get a drink or anything since 8, just never stopped to realise I should). Anyway, there's still more to do, but no way I'm going to get it done tonight (hands just won't allow it).


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