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Having trouble with describing perception (Don't have a good feel for the audience's knowledge of the subject)

I've been starting and restarting the next section of the thesis rewrite for an hour or so now. It's such a vast topic, and I really haven't got a good idea of how to present it to someone yet (I really need someone with whom to discuss these things). The original treatment worked from the ...

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Compile farm account (Problems with PyOpenGL on RedHat)

I finally registered for a SourceForge compile farm account. Steven has been reporting failures to build on RedHat, so I figure I need a platform on which to test and debug. Should have it sometime tomorrow. Then just find the time to actually fix the problem.

I've been reading "Kant's Theory of Knowledge" by Georges ...

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Pleasant evening as they played poker (Conversation is so much more interesting)

Spent much of the the day on the little tasks that have to be done to avoid sliding into chaos and disorder; grocery shopping, house cleaning, that kind of stuff. After that spent a few hours on Kant before the party started.

Simon's girlfriend Leigh came. As always, she was a wonderful conversationalist, with lots ...

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