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May 2, 2005 - May 8, 2005

I should write now (But I feel like sleeping instead)

Switched over to the development branch today for testing. Went fairly well, just a few bugs that crept up due to differences between the test framework and the real system. Pretty good considering it's an entirely new CMTS and Modem type being added to the system.

I should take an hour or two to write. ...

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I've been an ass (Really upset a friend...)

Thus it happens when you're in the habit of thinking out loud and working out your feelings in public. You wind up deeply offending the people you care about. To that friend, I'm sorry. As requested, I've dropped your name from the blog, I've also dropped some posts, though I've merely anonymised those on which ...

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No, it really was that subtle (Moreso than I'd thought...)

Turns out the device-view bug was one of those situations where procedural thinking and event-driven thinking were being applied separately and resulting in a collision.

(More detail than anyone cares about...)

Modems go out and find their identity, then send a message telling the rest of the world about their identity. CMTSs ask each modem ...

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Happy that the taxes are simpler? (Or depressed that my investment income totalled less than $100 for a year!)

Took a quick trip up to the bank between helping D'Arcy and starting Cinemon work today. Taxes are due tomorrow evening in Canada, and I'd not been able to find any T5 (investment income) slips from the banks with which I do business.

So, I trundled over and asked them to print out some T5s ...

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Odds and ends as the day ends... (Pleasant all around...)

Visited grams today (final score 3:2 for me). Then came home and did a few hours of work on the ctypes wrapping, mostly focussing on the auto-generation half of the equation. Then out to coffee with Shane and Brendan. Always fun talking with them, Brendan's doing his doctorate in history, so always has interesting things ...

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