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Dec. 12, 2005 - Dec. 18, 2005

Change is as good as a rest (As old men like me are want to say...)

Spent the entire day on importing CAD maps into Cinemon. I don't know whether it's just being back in a Twisted-based environment with full sessions, persistent state, a full ORM and the rest, but it seems like it was a far more pleasant 9 hours than 9 hours coding raw CGI with no templating system, ...

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Sometimes it's just easier to code something new (That's a bad thing...)

I finally got time today to work seriously on Cinemon again. Spent the time working on a remoted SNMP query server (i.e. something that can be put in a remote network to do the actual querying while the Cinemon server is outside the network). I initially tried using Twisted's jelly module (via pb), but couldn't ...

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Quick hint for running Gentoo stable (Without constantly having to upgrade...)

I realise this is probably covered somewhere in the documentation, but it's something I only figured out a few weeks ago, so here ya go:

When you want to merge an unstable package onto your Gentoo stable system, you often have to set unstable keywords on that package and half a dozen dependencies. Now, I've ...

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