Suspend2/Hibernate working (Almost finished the system configuration...)

The trick with the suspend2-sources tree is to get the latest version (2.6.16-r1), not the (comparatively ancient) stable version. Emerging that with the .config I was using for the 2.5.15-r7 with the suspend2 options enabled gives me a properly suspending desktop (when I explicitly tell it to hibernate).

ssh sessions are lost, which is to be expected I suppose. Haven't tested with resuming in a different hardware configuration (e.g. with the wlan card plugged in or the network cable unplugged).

I guess the next step is to have the lid-close event set a timer to hibernate the laptop in 60 seconds if the lid doesn't open again. Once that's done I'll start installing development libraries and the like... but that's not for today. Today I have to do the grocery shopping and then get some writing done on the thesis.


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