Wow that's a lot of deprecations...

Beginning to read up on OpenGL 3.0... the deprecated functionality covers the majority of the PyOpenGL code that I've seen over the years.  You drop that stuff and it's a completely a different language, the OpenGL Bible's whole old-testament (the fixed pipeline) is basically gone.

I can't think of really *anything* in OpenGLContext that would work with all those deprecations.  For that matter, nothing in the spec would even work on this laptop, as it doesn't have much in the way of vertex/shader program support, so you wouldn't be able to replace the deprecated functionality with the new stuff.  You'd basically need two entirely different renderers, one for OpenGL 1.x/2.x and another for OpenGL 2.x/3.x.

Interesting to see what's getting dropped; some of it is the stuff that we were already suggesting people avoid (e.g. individual vertex calls and the like), but things like the transform stack operations going away weren't what I was expecting.  Exciting times.


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