Backdoors in Academia...

Working some of the outline points on critique into the thesis.

I've been playing idly with how to get back into academia.  Dumb thoughts that keep coming up:

  • convince some design school to use my (assumed finished) thesis as an introduction for first-year students, point at that and see if some school would let me teach their students directly :) , obviously would have to really get cracking on *finishing* it, and I'd likely have to set up a CMS site somewhere to include the "Treasure Chests" part of the original thesis (and let other people work on it), maybe CC Share-Alike the base thesis so that people could alter it for their schools' focus of the year
  • find a college somewhere (as distinct from a University, "colleges" are more like "higher-level trade schools" in Canada) and teach there in some blended tech/design school, using my tech background as a starting point and merging into the design half of the program, hope there's time to do some research on the side
Anyway, I suppose I'll figure something out some day, but for now I'll keep up the idle playing.


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