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Distractions clear the mind (Fog of trying the same thing too many times...)

Just before getting the call about the branch I was (again) cursing the fact that the Win32 installation doesn't have a graphics driver. Well, with the break-time (including talking to Soni) I realised the likely culprit: AGP bus failures due to attempts to use "advanced" (but poorly implemented) features.

Poke through the BIOS a bit ...

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That's a bit distracting (Branch falls on our car)

For some reason Rose parked in our neighbour's driveway last night (they're refinishing the garage in November, but that's two days away). In the wind storm two big (dead) trees in the front yard next door shed major branches (30 or 40cm diameter). One of them went through the window of the house to which ...

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Some OpenGL-ctypes hacking (Including getting auto-generation working again...)

Added a GLX sub-package to OpenGL-ctypes today. It was created using the auto-generation mechanism, which had drifted away from the subclass I created a bit. Seem to be back to usable results now.

Tried to get the WGL sub-package created, but didn't have one of the MSVC libraries I needed to do the auto-generation. Also ...

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