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Don't forget to check a new firewall before you leave the house (Oops...)

As part of reconfiguring the network yesterday I swapped out the (ancient) router/firewall we've been using as our external firewall and replaced it with the Linksys WRTG (L) we've been using as a wireless-only bridge. (The old router/firewall will go with Rose).

That meant a new internal network configuration, new "virtual server" mappings for the ...

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WPA supplicant almost working (That's frustratingly close...)

I didn't return my laptop to it's original configuration last night. Instead I came into Linux Caffe with it still putatively configured for NetworkManager operation... at it failed. So I copied back just the one configuration file (the /etc/conf.d/net configuration) and suddenly NetworkManager could pop onto one of the 3 open networks here...

The other ...

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