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July 16, 2007 - July 22, 2007

How do I re-install kernel-devel and kernel-headers on Fedora 7? (Trying to boost resolution and fix the keyboard...)

My morning was a lot of frustration trying to get the Fedora Core sugar-jhbuild image to a reasonable working state. Basically got stuck trying to get the vmware-tools installed, there are no kernel headers, but yum insists they are already installed and won't install them without ripping out critical components.

Eric 4 builds nicely on Gentoo (With some PORTAGEDEV stuff...)

Finally got around to updating to Eric 4 on the home workstation/server. Nice looking, though I basically turn off the bulk of the features save the project and file-editing views, and it seems a bit slower and less "snappy" than the Qt3 version. At the moment it doesn't work with my project-management script, so I'll ...

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New ISP for the new place (Rogers or DSL?)

Looking around for a high-speed ISP for the new place. We've been using Rogers for a while, and it's fine, but it does horrible things to Bittorrent (PITA when you're seeding an ISO) and has pretty pitiful upload bandwidth (I often see 2 or 3kb, which with a multi-gig upload...)

Thing is, the DSL providers ...

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Ctypes for C++ is going to be a pain due to politics (Bothering language creators is fun...)

Why can't we have compatible C++ name mangling and/or introspection/reflection such that we could write an FFI library for C++ similar to ctypes for C?

Dr. Stroustrup seemed to be of the mind that there is no technical reason not to be able to do it, but that the individual compiler writers and platform developers ...

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Don't forget to check a new firewall before you leave the house (Oops...)

As part of reconfiguring the network yesterday I swapped out the (ancient) router/firewall we've been using as our external firewall and replaced it with the Linksys WRTG (L) we've been using as a wireless-only bridge. (The old router/firewall will go with Rose).

That meant a new internal network configuration, new "virtual server" mappings for the ...

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WPA supplicant almost working (That's frustratingly close...)

I didn't return my laptop to it's original configuration last night. Instead I came into Linux Caffe with it still putatively configured for NetworkManager operation... at it failed. So I copied back just the one configuration file (the /etc/conf.d/net configuration) and suddenly NetworkManager could pop onto one of the 3 open networks here...

The other ...

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Wireless Networking is Kicking My Arse (Whole day's side-project...)

Sugar doesn't yet support wpa_supplicant. Our whole network is wpa_supplicant controlled. So at home the little laptops have no network connection. That makes it annoying to use them as development platforms. So, today I tried to convert our network to be WEP-based (despite not liking the idea of an easily cracked network).

Unfortunately, I couldn't ...

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B3 Arrived Today (Maybe install the B2 at Linux Caffe for developers)

I normally carry my B2 with me when I go down to work at Linux Caffe (well, almost everywhere, really), lets me put it out on the table and let people who are interested in the project strike up conversations even when I'm working on other client's projects. Find some good contacts that way, do ...

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