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New ISP for the new place (Rogers or DSL?)

Looking around for a high-speed ISP for the new place. We've been using Rogers for a while, and it's fine, but it does horrible things to Bittorrent (PITA when you're seeding an ISO) and has pretty pitiful upload bandwidth (I often see 2 or 3kb, which with a multi-gig upload...)

Thing is, the DSL providers ...

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Ctypes for C++ is going to be a pain due to politics (Bothering language creators is fun...)

Why can't we have compatible C++ name mangling and/or introspection/reflection such that we could write an FFI library for C++ similar to ctypes for C?

Dr. Stroustrup seemed to be of the mind that there is no technical reason not to be able to do it, but that the individual compiler writers and platform developers ...

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