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How do I re-install kernel-devel and kernel-headers on Fedora 7? (Trying to boost resolution and fix the keyboard...)

My morning was a lot of frustration trying to get the Fedora Core sugar-jhbuild image to a reasonable working state. Basically got stuck trying to get the vmware-tools installed, there are no kernel headers, but yum insists they are already installed and won't install them without ripping out critical components.

Eric 4 builds nicely on Gentoo (With some PORTAGEDEV stuff...)

Finally got around to updating to Eric 4 on the home workstation/server. Nice looking, though I basically turn off the bulk of the features save the project and file-editing views, and it seems a bit slower and less "snappy" than the Qt3 version. At the moment it doesn't work with my project-management script, so I'll ...

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