Involuntary upgrade (Eric3 install hosed on the work laptop...)

Came into the caffe intending to "install" the little laptop and then get a few hours of billable work in so that I can pay the rent and buy some cookies. Instead it turns out that I mistakenly allowed Gentoo to upgrade the qt/PyQt version on this laptop when doing a system update.

I could go hunt up the original ebuilds for the working PyQt3, but I suppose this is as good a time as any to update to Eric4 and PyQt4, if for no other reason than that it should be able to build cleanly. It's going to be dog-slow on this old machine, but oh well, being able to keep the machine up-to-date automatically is probably worth it.

[Update] You know, I must be missing something. There's no way that Qt4 could be this much slower than Qt3. It's got to be something I'm doing wrong. It can't be normal to see 10-20 seconds to expand a tree branch with a couple of hundred items. I must have mis-configured something.


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