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How many laptops do we have in the kid's hands? (Estimate in the interview probably too high...)

Was asked in the interview how many laptops we have in children's hands. IIRC we should have already shipped the latest trial laptops, which were supposed to be something like a few thousand. There had to have been a considerable number in the first trial schools (~800 or so (100/school or so))... which is something ...

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Interview tomorrow on CityPulse24 (The audience is likely a bit geeky...)

Amber's doing a show on technical topics tomorrow (HomePage), invited me along to discuss the project. Don't know what the precise topic is yet. Depending on the audience level we may interest a few developers, otherwise we're just looking at the "mom" effect to prod developers into volunteering ("I saw this wonderful project to build ...

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Developer's Programme Lite (Testing your OLPC applications in Toronto...)

As mentioned, I've "installed" my BTest2 XO at the Linux Caffe in downtown Toronto so that developers can use it to test out their software. While I do not expect people to go down to use the hardware for normal development (you'll probably want to use an emulator), testing on the actual hardware is very ...

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Doesn't matter who you are (If you look "different" the close-minded will attack you...)

Had a surreal experience this afternoon. Soni and Rose were late meeting me at Rose's new place to help them move the furniture (a cat Rose is house-sitting for was sick). So, I sat out on the wall outside, drinking in the sky (it was gorgeous and hot), thinking about IDEs and how to make ...

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Involuntary upgrade (Eric3 install hosed on the work laptop...)

Came into the caffe intending to "install" the little laptop and then get a few hours of billable work in so that I can pay the rent and buy some cookies. Instead it turns out that I mistakenly allowed Gentoo to upgrade the qt/PyQt version on this laptop when doing a system update.

I could ...

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Talked myself hoarse last night (4 or 5 interested people...)

Amber and co threw a big party last night down at No Regrets, crowd of about 50 techies and television peoples. Spent the whole time demoing and discussing the project (. Given how noisy it was I wound up with a pretty raspy voice by the end of it.

A few interested developers, including one ...

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Need to get developer's images back up and running (Shouldn't have ceded the project so soon...)

Afraid I let the ball drop on this one. What with Red Hat producing developer-focused LiveCD's, and Toquito planning to produce them, I considered the question of a 5-minutes-to-a-development environment issue to have been solved.

But it seems we haven't had an updated developer's LiveCD in about 4 months... and the LiveCD wasn't great as ...

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