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Need to do a bit of porting (Where's the time...)

Realised today that SimpleParse doesn't build on Python 2.5. Something in the test for PY_HEX_VERSION is failing so it's trying to redefine functions that have been in Python since 2.3. Sigh. Also need to look at whether it's easily possible to get .egg files into an installer for Win32 users. I also want to get ...

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More time on distutils/setuptools than ctypes issues (Just a thought that struck me...)

There are two major changes in PyOpenGL 3.x (and OpenGLContext). The first is the big, obvious one, the switch to using ctypes. When it comes right down to it, other than tracking down a few AMD64 issues at the start, and a few problems between the chair and the keyboard, ctypes has "just worked" most ...

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A night (and morning) of relaxation (Age of Empires II retro strategy game death matches)

Genti (he spells it that way, regardless of what Soni says) came over last night and we played AoE II all evening (until 02:40) then got up early and played a few more games before we (Soni and I) headed over to visit with Gram's friend Margaret. Sad news during the visit, Jack (another of ...

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Stabilisation period after a long crunch (A few days of just tracking down anything broken)

We've had some pretty extensive rewriting going on for the last few months in one of the big customer projects (the VoIP billing system). Spending three or four days in here stabilising the code base, tracking down all the little refactoring errors that didn't get caught with the test suite, fixing bugs that fell into ...

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Got py2exe + PyOpenGL limping across the line... (Need to add the .egg files to the path)

Blake was good enough to prod me abound getting PyOpenGL 3.x to run under py2exe'd applications. The problem is that even if you copy the .egg directory to the distribution directory the setuptools entry points don't get registered, so PyOpenGL can't find its array-handling mechanisms.

After lots of trial and error I just wound up ...

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Pleasant afternoon with the family (Until I had to get to work...)

Dropped into visit the kids (Soni's nephew and niece) this afternoon. Was hoping we'd be able to play Age of Empires II (Gent is learning it), but their dad was sleeping in the room with the computer. Discussed physics, cosmology and a few other things with them, then rounded out the visit with chocolate and ...

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I hate details (They get in the way of the great plans...)

After days and days of work building test cases and testing on database images I ran a "fix a screw up" script yesterday only to find out this morning that the "fix" wound up making the problem far, far, worse. Spent the entire day trying to fix that today.

The problem, it turns out, is ...

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WPA setup under Linux is way too complex (It shouldn't take hours for each computer...)

We run our home/office access point in WPA encrypted mode. This is, AFAIK the only reasonably secure protocol available in the common Linksys WRT* routers.

It works very well on my Gentoo laptop using madwifi (and has worked well for quite a while now). Took a bit of fiddling, probably 4 or 5 hours, but ...

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Pause before unleashing the fix (What have I messed up...)

About to run the fix-up script for an error that's about 1.5 weeks old now. The script generates 337 emails to customers, alters the database in 4 or 5 ways and generally has all sorts of ways in which it could screw up in very public and end-customer-annoying ways.

I've just run a test run ...

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