Giving up on GNUCash (Delegating accounting/bookkeeping)

I've been tracking my corporate books using GNUCash for about 21 months now. At the start it was quite rough (a number of nasty glitches that have since been fixed), but it's served me reasonably well.

In the end the problem isn't the software, it's that the accountants charge the same to read/review the books as they do to write them. With that price structure it makes no sense for me to maintain the books myself, so it will be the bookkeeper doing the books. Since they don't use GNUCash, I'll have to get the data out and have them work in their comfortable Simply Accounting environment.

There's the problem, however. Simply Accounting, being a closed-source developer, doesn't provide any specs on even the most basic of interchange formats. It's apparently some sort of CSV file, but they won't tell you what's in the file unless you become a development partner. We've already struck out on the QIF format, btw. So it seems that the bookkeeper may wind up typing in every single transaction from the last 9 months.


  1. Jacob Rael

    Jacob Rael on 02/01/2008 7:22 p.m. #

    Can you script the input process. You just have to drive the GUI with python...<br />
    <br />

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