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Sigh, too far, too fast

Have had to shelve the changes for PyOpenGL to use the pyglet generator for the core code.  Wound up getting extremely hard-to-debug errors which appeared to be due to corruption of object's GC structures (possibly due to GIL-holding issues) when I switched to a Linux 32-bit platform (instead of 64-bit).

I don't want to hold ...

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Mind your Ps, Qs and CCallbacks

Been debugging a weird error in GLUT this evening.  Basically if you went into OpenGLContext and used a right-mouse-click-and-drag to rotate around the center-of-view, there would, every once in a while, be a seg-fault.  It didn't happen if you rotated a bit more slowly, or you turned on full logging to see what's going on, ...

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