For the Brave: PyOpenGL 3.0.1a1

I've just managed to get PyOpenGL's first alpha for the 3.0.1 series out the door.  The biggest changes of note are:

  • Shader convenience module OpenGL.GL.shaders, provides shader entry points named as the core entry points with alternate implementations using ARB when necessary.  Includes Two utility functions compileShader( source, type_constant ) and compileProgram( *shaders ) which allow for easily creating shader-using demos.
  • Cython OpenGL_accelerate wrapper mechanism accelerators available (pre-built for Python 2.5 and 2.6 on Win32)
  • Many bug-fixes.
  • SIZE_1_ARRAY_UNPACK flag to configure single-value-array-unpacking behaviour
  • CONTEXT_CHECKING flag to enable rigorous (slow) checking for valid contexts before each GL/GLU/GLE call in order to debug crashes due to calls before there is a valid context present.
  • STORE_POINTERS flag to enable/disable storage of (temporary) pointers
  • Optimizations to reduce or remove certain wrapper operations when the ERROR_ON_COPY flag is enabled.

This release is very much an alpha, do not install in production environments, use it to test your software and send me bug reports.  There are enough significant implementation changes in this release that it would be extremely unlikely that no bugs have crept in.

Downloads on SourceForge.


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