Quick Hack to do Psuedo-Localization (l10n)

Pseudo-localization lets you easily see which strings in your site are not yet marked for translation.  That's pretty useful if you don't yet have a real translation, but want to check whether someone could do a translation if you paid them to do so.  Didn't find a good package freely available (though I imagine there must be lots of them), so just wrote a quicky one with polib that does basic "reverse the text" style pseudo-localization.  Could add spacing out text (to simulate normal expansion with more verbose languages), substituting accented character and other nice features, but for the moment I don't need them.  Anyway, the project is up if others would like to hack on it (bzr branch lp:fakelion).


  1. Mark

    Mark on 08/17/2011 5:19 a.m. #

    Some other functionality that is useful for Pseudo Translation (we have our own in-house one)

    a) Use random translations (check for cases of string matching - which make translations difficult - or can cause bugs only in translations)

    b) Ensure a specific string at the start and end of each translation:
    - Will make it clear if you are doing a lot of concatenation (which may not work for all languages)
    - Will show you if strings are truncated (unlikely for web apps I guess :) )

    I thought I would have more - but that's all I can think of right now :)

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