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Coldshot reaches loose equivalence, now the fun part...

So as of now I can load Coldshot profiles into RunSnakeRun.  So far they are no more informative than a cProfile profile.  Now the fun part is seeing what kind of tools can actually be fashioned when you have all of this information...

Some ideas

  • per-thread views (I think that's a given)
  • browse into set ...

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KDE CD Ripping rocks

Want to get rid of a CD around the house (who uses CDs any more)?  Pop it into your drive, open it with Dolphin, browse to the 'MP3' (or 'Ogg Vorbis') folder and copy the files to your media directory.  The KDE IO system automatically generates (rips) the "files" when the copying process goes to ...

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Line localtime inadvertantly implemented...

Started really looking at the results from Coldshot and realized that the line timings just didn't add up to the function timings... because the line-timings were "localtime" rather than "cumtime".  Local time is actually pretty interesting as a piece of information, but I'm guessing 95% of the time you actually want cumtime when you are ...

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Coldshot progress...

Been playing with my experimental profiler (Coldshot) all day.

At this point it can load an OpenGLContext run with 207MB of trace data and produce a basic textual summary (both cProfile-style calls/timing and file:line level timings) in around 4s.  That's still quite slow, as the profiler records around 4MB/second of data, so multi-GB traces seems ...

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Quadratic Bezier Splines

So as part of my little Quake 3 BSP loader (twitch) I need to render Quadratic Bezier Spline patches.  I want to do the whole thing from a VBO, so I'm doing the tessellation manually (I also wanted to do it to play).  The basic rendering is now working, that is, I can render a ...

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PyOpenGL 3.0.2 Released

PyOpenGL 3.0.2 (final, finally) has been released. The major changes since 3.0.1 (released in 2010!) are:

  • OpenGL core support up to 4.3 level [1]

  • OpenGL extension support from the current registry [1]

  • Some missing FreeGLUT extensions added

  • OpenGL.GL.framebufferobjects providing ARB/EXT alternates for framebuffer operations

  • Experimental OSMesa (Offscreen Mesa) context (use the environment variable PYOPENGL_PLATFORM=osmesa)

Codebase ...

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If you're wanting to speak at you need to get your proposals in this weekend.  Don't delay.

[Update] Yeah, Mike, do that.  I now have way too many talks I'd like to do:

  • Modern OpenGL Eat Your Vertices Raw (submitted)
  • Profiling for Performance (submitted, but very brief outline)
  • Using GStreamer 1.0 (an HTML5 Video ...

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