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Oct. 15, 2012 - Oct. 21, 2012

Quadratic Bezier Splines

So as part of my little Quake 3 BSP loader (twitch) I need to render Quadratic Bezier Spline patches.  I want to do the whole thing from a VBO, so I'm doing the tessellation manually (I also wanted to do it to play).  The basic rendering is now working, that is, I can render a ...

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PyOpenGL 3.0.2 Released

PyOpenGL 3.0.2 (final, finally) has been released. The major changes since 3.0.1 (released in 2010!) are:

  • OpenGL core support up to 4.3 level [1]

  • OpenGL extension support from the current registry [1]

  • Some missing FreeGLUT extensions added

  • OpenGL.GL.framebufferobjects providing ARB/EXT alternates for framebuffer operations

  • Experimental OSMesa (Offscreen Mesa) context (use the environment variable PYOPENGL_PLATFORM=osmesa)

Codebase ...

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