Linux Refuses to See the HDMI

My talk at Django Toronto was scuttled by my computer refusing to recognize the HDMI (complained about a checksum failure when the HDMI was plugged in) and the further failure of the VirtualBox image to get onto the network so I could use another machine.  We spent all of the prep time trying to get the VM online (eventually using a static configuration), seemingly having succeeded, as the laptop and VM were streaming video between them, but apparently that was only working because of the bridged adapter.

Annoying thing is that I come home, plug in the HDMI cable here on the secondary monitor and works perfectly.  Sigh.  Similarly the DHCP on the VM just picks up an IP and can stream to/from the other machines without a hiccup.  Meh.


  1. Tom Davis

    Tom Davis on 06/14/2013 6:31 a.m. #

    The checksum issue you experienced is usually caused by a dangling input, meaning sometime in the past you unplugged the cable but the input was left in a "disconnected but active" state. Hence the unexpected checksum when you tried using a different one. Assuming you have xrandr installed, you can run 'xrandr --input foo --off' to fix it.

  2. Mike Fletcher

    Mike Fletcher on 06/14/2013 9:59 a.m. #

    Interesting. I would have thought a hard reboot (I shut the machine right off and left it off while I was travelling to the meeting) would have avoided that.

    Anyway, good to know should it happen again. Thanks.

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