One of those things about which I should probably be excited (Tuple spaces... why?)

Okay, what am I missing about tuple spaces? It seems to be a fairly basic data-sharing protocol which requires a server process somewhere. I mean, that's nice, but what are the advantages of this particular system over an RPC or formal message-passing/routing system.

If you're going to do all your networking using a (relatively high-level) primitive like this, you want to know what the characteristics of the system are that make it attractive. I've heard enough people who are fairly together say positive things about tuple spaces that I'm willing to believe I'm just missing the point, rather than there being none. On the other hand, I've seen lots of really-neat-for-writing-papers-about but generally useless systems too.

Anyway, no time to play with them any time soon... too many side projects lined up to occupy whatever spare time happens to show up in the cab lanes.


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