Day's slogging grinds to a close (Somewhat unsatisfactorily...)

Spent most of the day (when I wasn't sleeping (I'm obviously not getting enough sleep these days)) tracking down bugs in the data-import mechanism. Honestly, I think I'm just trying to do too much with it. It allows for altering the planned objects as you are importing the data-set, generates an arbitrarily deep number of missing dependencies as it goes, tries to catch errors in the data-files, tries to be extremely flexible in the formats it accepts, and all of those "loose" features wind up making for some very complex interactions.

What I probably should have done is to create a simplistic importer that just tries to import a row, and if it does, good, otherwise just kick the record out for further processing with a message (which is what the importer does only with improper formatting now).

Rosey was kinda down after the trip to my parent's place, so spent a while talking with her. Anyway, in summary, not much movement on the work, and didn't even touch PyOpenGL/OpenGLContext this weekend, and next weekend promises to be a complete wash out.


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