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Hacking doesn't cut it yet (CD-ROM is flaky)

The machine with the little switch hanging off it is basically all old hardware. Unfortunately, the CD-ROM seems to work only for the first 2 or 3 minutes that the machine is up, just enough to boot Knoppix 3.3, but not Knoppix 3.4, and just enough to start booting Gentoo (then it starts getting I/O ...

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Ooh, hardware hacking (Almost forgot to mention this... and wouldn't *that* be a trajedy ;) .)

As some of you will undoubtedly remember, I haven't been having stellar luck with the hardware I ordered from TigerDirect. The CPU cooler doesn't seem to be properly cooling the Athlon64 (though I seem to have got it to the point where it's stable and reliable, though still 10 degrees warmer than it really should ...

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Another small step forward for demo-kind (Sure it's a trivial environment, but it's got a certain charm...)

After visiting grams (score 3 games to 1 IIRC), spent another few hours playing with the demo "world" for OpenGLContext. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the shadows to bake properly in OpenGLContext, but here's the current state (I'm about to switch back to work-work, so this is where it'll stay for approximately another 2 ...

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What to do about a demo for OpenGLContext (Need free-to-distribute content...)

One of the things that OpenGLContext really needs is a little demo of what it can do. Unfortunately, though there was a gentleman's agreement that I could use my design work with VRTelecom for reasonable personal use, that wouldn't include dropping it into a package that hundreds of people are going to recieve.

So, I ...

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