What to do about a demo for OpenGLContext (Need free-to-distribute content...)

One of the things that OpenGLContext really needs is a little demo of what it can do. Unfortunately, though there was a gentleman's agreement that I could use my design work with VRTelecom for reasonable personal use, that wouldn't include dropping it into a package that hundreds of people are going to recieve.

So, I need to put together some content that can be distributed along with OpenGLContext. Which means I need to get back to the point where I have a 3D modeller installed, and have the whole toolchain put together for creating VRML97 worlds again.

Didn't get hugely far tonight. Just roughed out a sketch, and began building the model for it. It's just a little hallway that should eventually have a table with a vase and a fern (and a better window, and some radiance-fill lighting), but heck, it's nice to have a little colour in the blog, so there it is.

Note: the rendering is from the modeller, not OpenGLContext. OpenGLContext's rendering should be similar, but it won't have the nice shadows or the smooth shading gradiants.


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