Cool, I'm married (Ring to prove it...)

Well, as of yesterday afternoon, I am now a married man. Soni was beautiful. The wedding march (Imperial March from Star Wars by Metallica) wasn't loud or distinct enough to be scary/ominous sounding, but she still came down the aisle. It wasn't the aisle we'd wanted (we wanted the outdoor chapel, but it was raining). Lots of little things didn't work as planned (or unplanned, as in many cases), but all in all a very good night, and she said "yes", so I'm happy.

Dave (our neighbour for years) did a wonderful job on photography. He gave us the whole shoot as a present and was wonderful with all of the children (and the rather compressed time-frame). Sarah also offered to photograph the wedding. Daniel and David switched off on video and camera operations throughout the day.

Shane caught the garter, Arela snatched the bouquet, though it hit Aida first. We've still got to open the gifts and do all that kind of stuff, but I need to get some work done that's been sitting neglected as we've worked on the wedding.

For those who are curious, here's the text of the ceremony for posterity:


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