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Sept. 20, 2004 - Sept. 26, 2004

HowTo: Create an SSL web-server in Twisted (Crude approach, but it works...)

The Twisted web howto doesn't mention the fairly common task of creating an SSL-secured communications channel for a web server. The process of doing so is fairly simple, but it requires tracking down a few pieces of information, so I've collected them here:

First things first, to create an SSL server, you need ...

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Why Open Source is neat (It's the little things, like personal contact...)

Was struck this morning by just how cool it is that during this week I've talked directly to the developers working on major pieces of my computing environment. That's the kind of access you only get if you're a Fortune 500 company when you're using Microsoft software.

Think about it, I ...

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Finally solved that pesky keyboard malfunction (And along the way, got my .xinitrc working...)

Have been having quite a few screaming sessions with the computer over it's insistence on entering a chording-key-entry mode every time I press the control and shift keys together (which I do all the time while editing). Took almost three hours this evening, but I finally tracked down the problem and fixed it.

Turns ...

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Trust the simple, general libraries (Don't trust the one-off stuff written for a particular project...)

Spent quite a few hours today doing debugging on the Mock CMTS code, in the end, it was all bugs in the shims that short-circuit around TwistedSNMP for the testing environment, but I spent far too long spelunking through the code on either side of it (the ping-scanner, which has been running for months, and ...

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SVG makes the world a wonderful thing (When you get it installed and set up...)

SVG really needs to get itself set up with automated installers. Sure, IE on Windows gets it easily, but everything else needs more work than it should need. I wound up unable to compile the Java stand-alone SVG viewer (it ran out of memory on a 1GB machine), so I decided to build the Mozilla ...

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Impressive how much faster it goes when you have a working shell (Command history and emerge flags are the source of all good for tonight...)

Now that I have a bash prompt again (see here for that), have seen a huge improvement in my working speed on the Cinemon demo (I'd only managed 8 hours or so on it in almost two days without a prompt, I've typed in the same dratted string hundreds of times because KDE ...

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Oh, I know it's serious (But egads, isn't this just calling out for a joke...)

CBC is reporting that the Canadian Union of Public Employees (i.e. our government employees' union) is discussing plans to try to unionise sex-trade workers. Yes, it's a serious issue, but unionising prostitutes as "Public Employees", doesn't that just scream "don't take me seriously"?

Lost the keyboard for a few minutes a ...

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Minimal example of using twisted.manhole (Since it took me so long to get it working...)

Okay, so you want to take a Twisted server and provide a way to execute arbitrary Python code within it while it is running. A few moments of googling gives you the information you need, namely that you want to use the twisted.manhole package. A few minutes more and you come across what seems ...

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The minds on the other side (Little article about the new hybrid SUV)

There's an article in the Christian Science Monitor (no, not one of my normal news-sources, it was picked up by Wired) reviewing the new SUV Hybrid from Ford.

I'm a little fascinated (repelled?) by the "me" focus. Even the "why you're doing it" is basically "so you can feel smug", rather than ...

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My empire expands (Tendrils sneaking into projects throughout the universe...)

Every once in a while someone contacts me to let me know they're using my projects in their projects. Now, I know there are lots of people using some of the projects (e.g. PyOpenGL), but I never really hear from them. I check the download stats on most of my projects, so I ...

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