Wow, where did *that* day go? (Gotta love meetings...)

Good day, all-in-all. Much of it spent on documentation. A bit on making the demo code a little less CPU-greedy (though not quite there yet), and the meeting with Steven.

Also flipped bits on 10 or so "billable" items... almost a month's work... I didn't count, but it's probably 200 or more hours. If we could collect that immediately (it's all billed against the expected revenue, unfortunately) I'd have paid for 6 months worth of my current salary. Scary to think how much billable time disappeared in that first year and a half where almost nothing got tracked because there were no agreements in place to share development costs... huge investment... well over 100,000 anyway.

Anyway, having again risen far too early expecting a conference call (so much for that resolution), I think I shall call the day complete. I want to get quite a lot of work done on Open Source projects this weekend, and there's only so many hours left before Monday.


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