Why aren't I there? (Because I got the gist of the post but didn't think to read the details...)

I know, I know, not another post pointing to a blog entry, but I will keep in short. I read this little entry rather quickly yesterday and thought "oh, cool, Stacey is playing at the Danforth music festival all weekend". So, when I had work to do that pushed me past 6:00pm I didn't fret, plenty of time on a 3-day weekend, I could pop in tomorrow after visiting grams.

However, when I finished at 7pm I thought to myself, hey, it starts at 7:30 (don't ask me how I mis-read that), maybe I can make it down in time. Turns out that the festival is three days, but she's only playing this evening, and I've already missed it. Oops.

Guess I'm really not a "details" guy, more of a broad brush strokes and far-horizon dreaming type.


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