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Sept. 19, 2005 - Sept. 25, 2005

Proportion: Science, Philosophy, Architecture ((reading a book by) Richard Padovan)

I spent the afternoon in the wonderful world of architectural epistomology. Padovan is the author of the book "Dom Hans van der Laan, Modern Primitive" which was the best presentation of the ideas of van der Laan I came across while writing my thesis. I hesitated to pick up "Proportion" because I mistakenly thought I ...

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Guess I should buy a Research Reader's card ($150/year for a library card seems high...)

As I was playing over at Wikipedia I realised (again) that I have no primary source access any more (since leaving university). I really do want access to architectural theorists works. I just don't know that I'll have $150/year worth of books I need that I can't trek down to the Toronto Public Research Library ...

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Numpy goes nuts? (Weird error shows up deep inside OpenGLContext...)

This error popped up about a week ago, but it showed up just as I was finishing work on OpenGL-ctypes, so I never looked into it. This evening it's back in full swing, rendering basically all of OpenGLContext useless. It's showing up with the Numpy 23.7 release (Gentoo stable), and seems to be an obvious ...

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Convenience during development (Forgotten during release...)

So it appears that the recent spate of failures to build PyOpenGL are all basically the same problem. As I was developing PyOpenGL 2.0.2 I removed a check that was looking for an explicit version of SWIG (1.3.13), as I was moving to SWIG 1.3.23. I didn't spend the 10 seconds or so it would ...

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Dribs and drabs (Phone project cleanup, mostly)

Spent the day working on the VOIP front-end, mostly just fixing little bugs, tracking down bug reports to see if they were really bugs, testing and fixing minor UI bugs that cropped up, that kind of thing. I could probably just go to bed now, but that seems so horrible on a Friday night. Have ...

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I was going to stop working a little while ago (Absolute URLs are evil... but oh so nice... but they're evil you said... yes... but evil can be very attractive...)

Don't know why, but I was suddenly struck with a feeling of loathing toward the absolute URLs scattered throughout Cinemon. These were relics of a time when I was considering emailing the whole web-front-end interface to users. All URL references are generated by code, so the code would add the site URL to everything.

Problem ...

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Optimising and bug-fixing and upgrading all day... (Guess I really should produce new PySNMP-SE and TwistedSNMP releases)

First few hours of the day were spent optimising PySNMP and TwistedSNMP. Nothing huge, but about a 10% speedup in the Cinemon demo, which makes for a far more responsive web front-end. Then spent hours tracking down a bug in Adobe SVG (well, poor handling of a missing piece of data). Topped it off with ...

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A few pictures from Mississauga (Mostly vegetation...)

Children's play groundFinally got the pictures downloaded off the camera (trick was to tell the new version of digikam to detect the camera all over again). Mostly it's shots from our trek through the wetlands out to the lake. There's a couple of nice shots here and there IMO.

To answer the obvious questions: yes, Shademan did ...

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Need to do something fun (Sitting in my room coding week after week after week is not entertaining...)

For the second time in a month or so I've been asked "do you enjoy it" about coding. Which is something I used to be able to say "yes" to, after all, coding was something I did as a relaxing hobby that took far less effort or thought than design. These days, though, I just ...

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Whisker Rubs

Sandpaper wisker memories
Pull me back to days half-remembered
When the man I've become was my father
And my father was with me
Giving simple, bear-hug love
With sandpaper wiskers

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