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Finishing off Dicker's Kant (Quiet Saturday of napping...)

Since Rosey's original date for her party was tonight, and most people were off playing at Simon's, I didn't have a coffee night tonight. I also did nothing particularly productive (except sleeping).

I'm trying to finish off the "Kant's Theory of Knowledge" book, but the argument being presented now seems... pointless. Dicker even introduced it ...

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Distracted again (Setting up DVD player for Rosey's party)

I don't see any way in MythDVD to set the language for display. Since it's a French party, I imagine they'll want French for whatever DVD they choose. Sigh. Oh well, gmplayer it is. At least the video card is working with the DVD player again, was basically unusable before that.

Computers are just distractions (Should have been reading this afternoon)

My plan for today was: write a few pages, then spend the afternoon reading on Kant. It's always difficult getting past that first comma in a list. I've been running through the 10 or 15 different news sources that I normally try to keep up with, but which lately I've been slacking off on. Not ...

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Perceptual Fields (and the neurological basis of thought...)

Better to plow through and write something that needs to be rewritten a few times than spend forever wondering how you plan to write it. In that vein, I've just ploughed through on the perception discussion. It's very rough, but at least the log-jam appears to have partially broken. I decided to start, as the ...

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On Counting (Example strikes me as "off"...)

Okay, this is getting into pure epistomology more than design epistomology, but it's something that's disturbing me as I read. Basically, Dicker's summary of Kant is trying to build up the central argument I described a few posts ago, namely that based on our perceptions of reality we can understand how it is that we ...

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Happy I did the extra hour last night (I've run out of steam for the VoIP project this week)

I did an extra hour of work last night after getting back from Linux Caffe. That means I'm now done for the day (and week). The 9 billable hours/day target gets a little draining. Right about now I just want to curl up and let my hands do nothing for a year or two.

On ...

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Kant's object-ivity (Reading on the TTC)

About the most exciting thing to happen today was reading the book on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Luckily it was fairly exciting, mostly because there seems to be something wrong with his formulation (at least, as presented in the book). It's not that the formulation is wrong per se, but that it assumes something ...

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Details are depressing (Give me mountains to build, not potholes to fill...)

The bulk of today is being spent on the VOIP project (still going at it, just needed to take a break). Mostly it's just implementing a new organisation by rewriting scripts here and there. It's the kind of work that can be readily handled by one who has had a frontal lobotomy.

I've found myself ...

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