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Dec. 5, 2005 - Dec. 11, 2005

It's always the code that's a PITA to code... (That turns out to be superfluous)

I just ripped out one of those annoying little bits of code; the ones where you check 3 or 4 times saying "are you absolutely sure you want this, it really seems like a bad idea, it's going to cause this problem and that problem and be a pain to implement". It's not that it's ...

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Bit of practice with Inkscape (A little guardian lion for the Open Clip-art peoples...)

PNG output of the SVG graphicFelt like producing something pretty, but not quite awake enough to do anything complex, so created a piece of clip-art for the Open Clip-art project. Inkscape really doesn't like zooming in too far to an image, it becomes basically unusable and I wind up having to zoom out again. It also really needs a ...

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Dinner at the house of pure love (Tre Fontane on Bloor...)

I've been to Tre Fontane before, many years ago, and remembered it mostly as a gelato bar with a very friendly owner. For the past few months I've been getting recommendations from Shane, and now from Jazz and Brendan to give their buffet a try, but mostly to go see Nico (the owner), who was ...

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Reworking the Perception Section (Rewrite long overdue...)

Finally got around to working on the rewrite for the rough draft I bashed out a month ago (or so). Considerably longer now. Am in the middle of the section exploring heightening/leveling and learning. Anyway, due to various interruptions where the other job poked in I'm not ready to publish that yet, but I need ...

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String Theory

Within the chambers of our heart
Are strings that make us whole
Taut as wires on a well tuned bridge
They wait for other strings
They vibrate when they find their mate

Each vibration makes them shorter
That is what constricts the walls
Lets us know that they've been plucked
Or stroked by passing strings ...

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High priority post-launch items (Day of post-launch details...)

Spent the entire day on items for the VoIP project that were below "launch" level, but needed for release to the general public. First was a password-resetting mechanism, after that continuing work on the guided user-setup pages, then a rework of a set of menus into a single menu.

Tomorrow I'll lose a half-day to ...

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Graphics take time (Even when you're just throwing them together as placeholders...)

Working on the user's guide for creating accounts today, along with the root page for the VoIP configuration. Long boring day of trivial stuff, but I did get to create some graphics.

Nothing really exciting, just icons for accounts, devices and signing up (silouhette, old-fashioned telephone and quill pen respectively). Inkscape worked fairly well for ...

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For the acrostically curious (Output of a night's run...)

I left the acrostic puzzle solver running all night. Strangely, it doesn't appear to have found any 8x8 acrostics with the aspell dictionary, while it's found thousands of 7x7 ones. I would have expected at least one or two 8x8s.

Anyway, the script (basically unchanged, just easier to download and play) and the 7x7 puzzles ...

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Red Pillows

No-one ever told me they had passions
Dreams of screaming in the night
They were lace and velvet wrapped
Dry goods set upon 'reached racks
So I botched the first I fetched one

How was I to know they wanted kisses
When I'd been taught to woo with words
What class covered covering her waiting ...

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