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Sept. 5, 2005 - Sept. 11, 2005

Bit of Linux hack-and-slash (Since I can't sleep)

Couldn't sleep again, so I decided I'd try one more time on the 2005.0 upgrade for Gentoo. Once again I just ran into walls where the emul-linux packages stopped doing anything once the script failed during the run. So I went a little nuts and started thrashing away at copying the missing pieces from the ...

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Nevow needs some model:view:controller mechanisms (Gets repetitive coding controls manually for each property...)

Spent the bulk of the day getting the trigger mechanisms cleaned up and ready-to-run. These are set up using a Nevow LivePage. Thing is that every control on the page winds up with 2 different pieces of code to set/render the values for the control. One to do the first-pass render, and one to do ...

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Women are fun to hang out with (Though they do tend to inspire melancholy)

Very pleasant evening. Unfortunately I was an hour off in my estimate of when we'd eat, so the main course was rather overcooked (ick, peppers do not survive overcooking well). As a group started playing poker in the living room I retired to the break out room (aka my bedroom) with a couple of the ...

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Hmm, how did that happen? (Was going to be 4 or 5 people in for a quiet dinner...)

Rosey wound up inviting another 4 or 5 people to the little dinner I was planning on holding. That pretty much turns it into a party, rather than a quiet evening in. Luckily I like parties :) .

However, it probably means no work done on OpenGL-ctypes this evening. I've been documenting modules for the ...

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