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Jan. 2, 2006 - Jan. 8, 2006

Hallowed Pillows

Behold the hollowed pillows
Where her head once lay
Cradled in sweet dreams of sleep
That would wait another day
She's charged off to meet the world
On a brilliant sun-lit ray
But the hallowed pillows call her
Come back to us, they seem to say

Doesn't look like I'll get the nurbs finished this weekend (Darn it)

I've probably got 80 or 90% of the work done for making NURBs work in OpenGL-ctypes. This is mostly just refactoring the code from the Tessellation structure into a base class and then writing up the various wrapper functions. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a generic way to know, at the callback level, what ...

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The Ecstasy of Readers

Never, dear reader, underestimate your role
Without your eyes my words would die still-born
Without your ears my songs could never wake

Your responses are precious beyond compare
For each verse opens new vistas in which to play
Spaces I would not have danced were I alone

Without a reader there can be no poetry ...

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gluTess* working now (Though it's really ugly under the covers...)

The problem with the GLU tessellation routines does appear to have been an indirection-level problem. Basically I'd been passing a byref( func ) instead of a func into the function. The reason for that is that the data-type of the argument wouldn't accept bald func, so I'd assumed it was a pointer-to-a-function. In fact it ...

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Writer's block masquerading as zest for coding (Will not give in yet...)

Been spending most of the day on thesis work. Wound up doing an hour of work-work too since the customer needed it. All through the day as I've been writing I've been having the itch to drop writing and code on OpenGL-ctypes. It's a feeling I haven't had in a long while, basically just means ...

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Surviving (Though yesterday was a complete write-off...)

The insanely early meeting yesterday completely destroyed my sleep pattern. Got a few hours of work done before I first crashed, but was half asleep most of the day, unfortunately, not able to sleep readily either. Finally exercised myself to exhaustion to get to bed. Wound up getting up early today (for me, around 10AM). ...

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Seven, In the Morning?

You hear rumours
About hours
Between four in the morning
When all good men go to sleep
And noon
When men of virtue rise
But then one day
You experience it first-hand
Forced upon you by the ungodly
The craven
The corrupt
Only then
Do you truly understand;
They are evil

RunSnakeRun released (finally) (HotShot profile loading/viewing utility using wxPython)

Since Dobes wanted it, I've packaged up RunSnakeRun as a distutils archive so that people can install it on their systems easily. It even has its own little web-page now on which you can see a screenshot and from which you can download a copy.

Quick asterisk tips (Little things that kill ya...)

If you're seeing messages saying that asterisk was unable to open the sound device when running on a desktop machine, edit /etc/asterisk/modules.conf and tell it to use alsa instead of oss.

If asterisk is having problems finding a file, check to make sure that you haven't specified the file with spaces around it, that is ...

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Shane's Darwin platform module for OpenGL-ctypes (Test and report bugs...)

Shane Holloway just sent in a platform module that should let OpenGL-ctypes run on OS-X (he's only tested with the wxPython demo so far). I've checked the module into CVS, so all you darwin peoples who've just been chomping at the bit to see the OpenGL-ctypes goodness, feel free to check it out and ...

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