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Working around Firefox 1.5's SVG target problems (Sure it's simple, but it takes hours to try all the other hacks...)

Cinemon, as some of you may know, uses SVG graphics as one of its core navigational mechanisms. Until today we've basically had to have users use either the Adobe SVG viewer or be annoyed by the Mozilla browsers loading the whole site into the iframe where the navigation graphic is displayed. This is because Mozilla ...

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Bit of maintenance among the learning tasks... (Or, what I did for the last few days...)

I'm continuing to work on making StarPy a decent platform for writing Asterisk applications. In between I'm working on Cinemon administration (and a bit of code) and little bits of the VoIP project that need handling.

Wound up installing FreeBSD, the HotSpot software and Cinemon on a box for one of our partners. Ran into ...

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