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Epistemology the 10,000m overview (With way too many isms...)

Since Tim asked whether I believe philosophy is a linear march of ideas maybe some of you will get a kick out of this obviously over-linearised set of notes (linked below) for tomorrow's talk at the Toronto Western Philosophy Club. The linearity is mostly a side-effect of planning a talk, no need to shout ...

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Why does accounting software lead to mental gridlock? (When money is involved with poorly-defined operations things go all to heck...)

Having one of those headache-inducing days. Adding "unlisted number" features to the VoIP billing system. It's a common situation in accounting software; an event occurs at some unknown time (exporting the values for the telephone book), at some other (known) time, the user may change whether they want the feature or not for "a month", ...

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New features a springing (But I managed to break an older one...)

I've now implemented a fairly nice feature (read it costs you $10,000 as a stand-alone product from other companies) for Cinemon, namely being able to see the last 14 days of graphed upstream channel signal-quality and transfer history (about 10,000 data-points per channel per property with 5 properties). We've had limited (one or two day) ...

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Shy Dogs

A dog beaten many times
Cringes away from the hand
Outstretched to give it love
Much worse when my mind
Knows there is no danger
Yet still I cringe
Away from the touch
Of those who love me most

Beginnings of work on the Win32 port for OpenGL-ctypes (Unfortunately, can't check the changes into SourceForge)

Did some more work on profiling. Tried specialising each version of the wrapper call method. It's ever so slightly faster, but it's still ~60% overhead above the calls it makes.

Then borrowed Rosey's laptop to work on the Win32 port. A few of the functions are working, but basically anything that uses an array is ...

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With Demanding Passion

I want demanding passion
Nights of screaming whispers
The press of urgent lips
Exploring ideas not yet born
Jumping from science to art
In an ecstasy of love
Debating fine points of Descartes
In a blanket under the stars
To feel the soft nape of the neck
Beneath my too-grizzled chin
I want to fall ...

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They Were Meant

They were meant
I am sure
To encourage
Yet how painful
Years later they ring
When nothing is perfect
Perfection as measure
Leaves all wanting
I am sure
That it was meant

Categorising OpenGL-ctypes performance (Category: pretty good)

Have been playing with profiles (using RunSnakeRun) of some OpenGLContext VRML viewer runs on real-world-ish worlds. There are a few big hotspots in the OpenGL-ctypes layer:

* wrapper.Wrapper.__call__ — as expected, this is very heavy, as it's doing basically the same work as SWIG does statically at run time. May try choosing specialised versions ...

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New draft of "Of Design" up (Oh what a creative title...)

Got a couple of hours work done on the thesis rewrite this afternoon. Basically cleaning up and finishing the first draft of the section on consistency and subtlety in depth. Also quite a bit of editing/review of the depth section in general. Some day soon I'm going to figure out why OpenOffice refuses to spell ...

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Sad when you get to having a process for some things (Lost address book and side trips...)

Went to write a business letter this morning and discovered that Thunderbird had hosed my address book (again). There was a warning, but I've become so used to having it trash the collected and default address books (which I don't use) that I didn't realise the report was about the "contacts" address book.

This is ...

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