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Good People at Home

It struck me
Sitting in the caffe
Listening to the proprietor
Banter with his loving wife
As the girl across the way
Smiled quietly at their words
That I was surrounded
By good people
At home

Project is ready to go on SourceForge (StarPy needs developers and users now...)

I've finally got StarPy uploaded to SourceForge. Still waiting on getting a mailing list set up, but the SVN is checked in, the homepage is installed, and the file releases are uploaded (all 7 of them). That's about my time budget for this evening (sigh), but at least the annoying administrivia is out of the ...

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StarPy SVN uploaded to SourceForge (My first SourceForge SVN project...)

I've just imported the StarPy source code. Haven't set up the rest of the project yet (need to sleep), but you can get it fresh here:

I'll try to get everything set up over the next few days. Maybe get a few other developers on the project too some day.

I should probably set aside a day sometime soon for Open Source stuff (This is just ridiculous...)

I'm getting so behind on projects that it's just getting ridiculous. Shidan was asking this evening if I still wanted to work on StarPy... I'm hoping to make it a key part of my toolbox... but I just don't seem to get time to work on it. Though my title is Research and Development I ...

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Good first day at the "office" (Linux Caffe is a good place to work so far...)

Spent the day at Linux Caffe training Seneca on the VoIP project. Went well. I only wound up having 7 drinks in total, for about $20. Given that wireless access alone often costs $7/hr (and we were there 8.25 hrs) a good deal.

Seneca and I got interviewed by a chap from CBC radio about ...

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Seem to have OpenVPN working (But I can't really test it from inside the network...)

Okay, I think I've got the OpenVPN connection working now. I'll have to try it out tomorrow morning and fall back to ssh if it fails. Surprisingly involved setup, required compiling a kernel module, editing multiple files, building large numbers of certificates and doing a lot of customisation for the settings.

Twinkle seems to be a decent VoIP Softphone for Linux (Setting up office phone on the laptop for working at Linux Caffe)

Twinkle is a little Qt VoIP Softphone. It seems to work quite nicely with the VoIP account. Haven't tried phoning a live person to see how it works with my microphone, but incoming audio is pretty good on my cable connection. Seems to have all the features I need (and more), so probably go with ...

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Of Design finally checked into SVN (And the section on depth is finished (well first draft of it)...)

Productive afternoon at Linux Caffe. Have finished off the first draft of the section on Depth and Complexity. The last few sections are too brief still, but the basic message is there. Next section in the original outline is the one on play, but I've skipped the "discussions courtyard" (keeping in mind that the original ...

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Fix one break the other... (Grr...)

The suspend2 kernel didn't work with the madwifi package I emerged. Updating to an unstable version got it working. The laptop-lid action, however, is no longer actually locking the KDE session (though it's trying, it's not the ACPI system that's failing, the dcop message just isn't doing anything).

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