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What I should probably concentrate on for Open Source (Maximise the value for the world...)

For the non-business Open Source stuff I'm thinking I need to throw all of my spare time at the OpenGL-ctypes stuff. The SDL-ctypes stuff seems to be moving along at quite a clip, and it would be really nice if both of these media-heavy packages could convert to ctypes just after the 2.5 final release. ...

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Pleasant feeling when a launch goes smoothly (He says, jinxing himself...)

About 3/4 of the way through the launch now. All of the preparation is done that can be done pre-cutover, so just need to wait 4 hours to do the actual switch and make the live system the driver for the back-end.

The new system is running happily with the tagged code. A few minor ...

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Good news and bad news in CUPS setup (It worked...)

Spent quite a bit of time this morning getting my workstation to print the invoice from Friday. The great news is that kdeprinter is able to do the entire setup for an SMB printer from a little wizard. Not quite point-and-click yet (wasn't able to browse for the printer or machine name, for instance), but ...

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