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June 12, 2006 - June 18, 2006

Quite a few updates to VRML and OpenGLContext (Including remembering to check in the code (finally)...)

I got the basic routing code for the VRML97 scenegraph written... well... so long ago I don't even recall when... months anyway. However, I never actually checked it into the repository. Oops!

Today, I blew away my old vrml/* checkout and got a fresh version on my workstation... and then all the new features stopped ...

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Wow, numpy really is different! (Porting doesn't go quite as well as hoped...)

Down at Linux Caffe. First little project of the day was getting OpenGL-ctypes running on the laptop again. Turns out most of the problems seem to be with the PyGame install getting corrupted, so started working on making it possible to use numpy for OpenGLContext.

Seems the API regarding types has been altered. Particularly the ...

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Chatting the night away (Tech-talk mostly)

Simon didn't show up at the cafe, but big Simon did. We (and Shidan) chatted until the place closed, then headed back here to chat some more. Made me think about what needs to be done in IPTV and VoIP land. I am, however, going to resist the impulse to dive in and write new ...

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Urgh, GST goes down July 1st, not June 1st (Have to eat the difference for that last invoice)

Happened across a reference that says the GST reduction (from 7% to 6%) happens on July 1st. I'd thought it already happened (i.e. on June 1st), so my last invoice was off in the calculation. Annoying that I'll have to eat the 1% difference, that's only $24, but still...

A day "off" with OpenGL-ctypes (It does leave rather a dent in the pocketbook...)

Decided this morning that I needed to spend some quality time with OpenGL-ctypes if it was going to move forward. Given that the VoIP project is just waiting for an installation fix, I decided that I would take a day off from paying work to work on stuff the world needs. I'm justifying it to ...

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That ol' Gentoo Magic (Two days later...)

I told Gentoo to rebuild the whole world a couple of days ago. It updated/built 293 packages, including all of KDE (3.5.2 now), most of the key services (mythtv and the like), firefox, thunderbird, the whole enchilada. It trundled away quietly in the background as I worked, as I played, as I slept, and then ...

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Week is still very good looking (Even if the day was rather light...)

Couldn't get to sleep until past 2 or 3 in the afternoon and only slept fitfully from then until 7. Wound up only get 2.75 hours of work in. I was all set to worry about it, then I looked at the invoice for the week (I enter each day's work on the invoice at ...

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Paper testing is fun (What do I need to create to match current functionality in a general system)

Too much coffee at the bar this evening, so couldn't even think about sleeping. Spent the entire night (well, other than a couple of emails and a blog post) doing paper tests for approaches to the Open Source billing system.

The idea being that I'm trying out ideas for how to structure the system (and ...

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Sometimes the universe loves ya (Thanks universe! (You too Bryan!))

Went to Unix Unanimous this evening. Spent most of the post-meeting-post-dinner drinks talking with Dave and his partner (Andrew? Didn't get a card) about their upcoming Open Source accounting package (Python + PostgreSQL) and the potential of integrating my planned Open Source billing/provisioning system for Cable TV, Internet and VoIP into that.

Also scored a ...

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Happy afternoon world! (Oh how music makes me dance...)

Realised I wanted music this afternoon, so listened to the entire soundtrack of "Chess" as I was working. Then let xmms keep playing through the "camp and traditional" collection. About 30 minutes ago it hit this little pocket of marches and dance-ables... Johnny Horton (Sink the Bizmark, Ballad of the Green Berets), Johnny Cash, Black ...

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