My XO seems to have lost its touchpad (Well, usability on it, anyway...)

Showing the laptop to a lady yesterday I discovered that the touchpad/trackpad was misbehaving. Moving the cursor would work as long as I was touching the trackpad, but when I took my finger off the trackpad the cursor would jump back (that is, in the reverse of the direction of motion) a couple of cursor-widths from the last position.

Freaky thing is that this morning I noticed a bit of cruft on my regular laptop's trackpad. I used a slightly-wet paper towel to clean it... and duplicated the behaviour from the XO. It's really weird to see a hardware bug "catch" between machines...

We're thinking the XO must have been mucked up by moisture getting into the trackpad (which doesn't have the plastic cover it will have in the final version). Makes for a very hard-to-use machine.

Anyway, have to get some work done for a client today and haven't had a chance to sit down to it yet (in more than 5 hours (the 3 hours for the compressed project turned into 4.something)).


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