Developer's Programme Lite (Testing your OLPC applications in Toronto...)

As mentioned, I've "installed" my BTest2 XO at the Linux Caffe in downtown Toronto so that developers can use it to test out their software. While I do not expect people to go down to use the hardware for normal development (you'll probably want to use an emulator), testing on the actual hardware is very useful for pointing out problems.

You'll probably want to take a USB key along with you when you go, just in case you need to refresh the OS installation image. You'll need one with 300MB or so free to handle that.

We'll try to keep the bureaucracy to a minimum, but we'll be asking for your name at least (so that we can know who has been working on the machine). At the moment the machine has a password on the su account, that will go away the first time the OS is reinstalled. We're still running a build with issues resuming from suspend (it just never works). I'll likely be fixing that on Friday if I get a chance.

Speaking of which, I'm going to try to assign Fridays as my OLPC day, normally going down to the Caffe to work (which means there will be two XOs there on most Fridays, in case you need to test mesh networking). I'll try to fit in some time on other days as well, but the idea is that Fridays will be set aside explicitly and totally for the project. Having that be a set day of the week should hopefully avoid the creep that has other projects expand to fill the whole week.


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