When someone hasn't heard (You want to put your hand up in the middle of the speech...)

Went to the opening of the conference today. Speaker was the new Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. He mentioned various programmes for providing texts, and eventually (maybe) computer access to the communities and reserves in the North. He was talking about schemes such as having computers in the libraries that could be checked out, or maybe a computer lab in the schools...

Wish I'd been able to talk with him about the project. There were just so many people, and he was always busy with them. Oh well, probably not the right venue, anyway.

Rob was there. He has a friend who also was friends with Jason (from Tpresence/Holodesk), we're going to try to get together for coffee some time.

Need to get the presentation for tomorrow finalized and sent in tonight. This one is going to be recorded and posted, so hopefully won't be too horrific.


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