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Long Day (Schedules mean never having a minute's rest... but you feel really good at the end of the day...)

From about 2pm through to just now I've been up and running. Meeting with a new client, picking up the B2 machine, meeting with a volunteer project manager for the OLPC, trying to re-recruit a sub-contractor for various projects, then off to see a friend play at Free Times (a cafe).

The B2's screen was ...

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Messy Jobs are Never-Ending (Clean jobs a disappearing breed...)

Sitting here working I find myself reflecting on the fact that messy jobs are never "finished." By messy I mean jobs that are complex and multi-faceted and have no particular "right solution". In contrast, the clean jobs, the ones where you just need to solve a problem and know that you have the correct answer, ...

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Life Management Tools (Need to get using them...)

Someone mentioned yesterday an old "truism" that you have to choose any two of "work, family and friends". I know you don't have to, but it takes a bit more time-management than I've been applying lately.

So, I finally got the "get a calendar and todo list started" task off the todo list. Started off ...

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